BARAMI has been a fixture in the New York fashion scene for nearly thirty years, bringing professional women the quality, affordable, and versatile clothing they’ll need to move easily from a day in the office to an evening out, all while keeping unique fashion in mind.


At the age of 24, fashion designer Bahram Hakakian opened his first retail location, BARAMI, with a vision of giving all women what they deserved out of fashion in the world and the workplace. Now, founder of BARAMI, Bahram Hakakian, and his three daughters are proud to announce the new direction of their fashion empire, by turning BARAMI retail into a multi-brand, one-stop shop for women on the go.


The Hakakian sisters wanted to update the BARAMI brand and create a fashion forward, affordable shop for women. The fashion-conscious women that were staying professional, while dressing bold. Neda, Nika, and Nora Hakakian shifted BARAMI into a lifestyle shop that is both desirable and obtainable for all clients, while avoiding generic styles: “BARAMI stands alone from the masses and markets where anyone on the street could be wearing the same thing as you,” says the BARAMI Family.


The styles are trendy, but not too trendy. It’s affordable and versatile fashion that includes styles specifically created to be styled seamlessly with pieces you already own. The BARAMI brand takes great pride in their customer experience and service: “We devote a lot of our focus towards customer care and making sure the BARAMI experience is enjoyable from beginning to end. We’re not there to sell clothing, we are there to help you find pieces you’ll wear and love for years to come.”