Shop and Save
Earn BARAMI Points with every purchase when you sign up!
For every dollar spent per purchase, you earn 1 BARAMI Point.
All BARAMI Points earned are credited to your account once your order is confirmed and can be redeemed during any of your next orders.
How to use your BARAMI Points?
For every 100 BARAMI Points you earn, you will be rewarded with $5 towards your next purchase; you can choose to use any amount of points you’ve earned or redeem them in full at any time.
You can use the points to deduct any percentage of the total amount of your purchase when you place your order*.
How can I check my BARAMI Points balance?
To check your BARAMI Points balance, simply log into your BARAMI account and click on “BARAMI Points” in your personal account to view how many points you have earned.
Points and benefits terms:
If BARAMI accepts a return for one or more items you have purchased using BARAMI Points, those points will not be credited back to your account.
The BARAMI Points earned by your purchase are calculated based on the net amount paid, which may not be the original price of the order**.
Please note that you must have an associated BARAMI account in order to earn points for redemption. 
*only total prices of products shipped are supported, excluding postage, insurance and applicable taxes
**postage, insurance, coupons and discounts from points are excluded