WFH: The Set Up

work from home WFH meme

After I confirmed my ‘desk’ at home, I got to work setting up. I read about ‘setting the scene’ at your new workspace and how important it was to create an environment that would allow you to work peacefully. I don’t know about you, but there are tons of distractions for me at home- my […]


how to declutter and organize

Marie Kondo‘s method is pretty simple here. I would assume most individuals who are already folding their jeans, are doing half the steps of the KonMari Method as it is. BONUS: This drawer didn’t require me to buy anything to organize- it was quite quick and easy. JEANS Step 1: Lay your jeans down flat, […]


how to declutter and organize

I had to find a starting point for all of this organization, so I figured, “why not start with tops and t-shirts?” So it began… Marie Kondo’s method for folding, the KonMari method, differs for each category of clothing, so I started with my t-shirts and basic tops, including bodysuits.  I promise it is not […]