how to declutter and organize

Marie Kondo‘s method is pretty simple here. I would assume most individuals who are already folding their jeans, are doing half the steps of the KonMari Method as it is.

BONUS: This drawer didn’t require me to buy anything to organize- it was quite quick and easy.


Step 1: Lay your jeans down flat, buttons up

Step 2: Fold one leg over the other

Step 3: Fold the crotch inwards

Step 4: Fold the ankle hem up and line it up with the crotch

Step 5: Fold the entire garment again, in the same direction, until it stands 

Ultimately, you’ll have folded your jeans so the pockets are upwards and they should all pretty much be the same size (in terms of folding).

I took it a little further by organizing them by wash. I like to do it this way so that I can pick my outfits out a little easier. I figure I pick the color, then the style and I’m all set.