how to declutter and organize

I had to find a starting point for all of this organization, so I figured, “why not start with tops and t-shirts?”

So it began…

Marie Kondo’s method for folding, the KonMari method, differs for each category of clothing, so I started with my t-shirts and basic tops, including bodysuits. 

I promise it is not as difficult as it may seem or look. 

folded shirt and top drawer


Step 1: Lay the shirt down flat

Step 2: Fold the right side inward and the right sleeve back halfway

Step 3: Repeat with the left side

Step 4: Fold the neckline downwards, towards the bottom hem, about 1/3 of the way

Step 5: Fold in half, then half again.

“If it doesn’t fall over when you remove your hand, it has passed the folding test,” says Kondo. 

I will say, though, it’s a little bit tougher when you have tops that are different sizes because they don’t fold to the same size as all the others. I chose to leave it be and ordered some drawer dividers off of Amazon to help keep them all in place.